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Piper Cub
In the mid 1930s, Bill Piper brought in Walter Jamouneau, and under his direction the original Cub was modified to its historic, bright yellow J-3 version. Powered by a 40 hp (30kW) engine, in 1938 it sold for just over $1,000. During World War II, newspapers of the era often featured images of wartime leaders, such as Generals Dwight Eisenhower & George Patton surveying European battlefields in Piper Cubs.

The Piper J-3 Cub is an icon that is perhaps the world’s most easily recognized aircraft and the precursor to the legendary PA-18 Super Cub bush plane. Our ‘Lock Haven Yellow’ cap and T celebrate the ubiquitous J-3 that put Piper on the map and trained 80% of American WWII pilots to fly. The Super Cub is on our list of legendary bush planes that we want in the hangar!

  • 100% cotton t-shirt
  • Washed after printing to eliminate shrinkage

Made in Canada.