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Avionics / MIL-SPEC Battery Receptacle | 7002-7 , Style 1, Threaded Post, Blue

Rebling is the only manufacturer certified to produce high current DC connectors for flying vehicles (military, commercial, passenger, cargo, fixed wing, rotary wing, RPAs/Drones). Rebling’s technology, quality, and reliability can be summed up in one statement: “35 billion air miles per year without a failure.”

All the models of our two-pole, avionics-grade, quick disconnect, bulkhead-mounted receptacles are designed to mate with the Rebveling 7007, 7013, 7016, and 7017 avionics-grade, cable-mounted plugs.

The members of our avionics family of connectors conform to and are QPL’d to Mil Specs MS25182, MS3509, Mil-PRF-18148, Mil-E-18148, Mil-E-81099 and are available under Rebling’s Cage Code 30525. 81099 and are available with a variety of termination options and in various colors. These same Style 1 receptacles are offered with threaded, right-angle terminal adapters, as explained on our Receptacles with Terminal Adapters page, and can be used with the gaskets shown on our Gaskets page. A Style 1 receptacle has a smaller footprint than a Style 2 receptacle. Still, the contact centerlines are identical, and both Style 1 and Style 2 receptacles mate with the same cable-mounted plugs.

  • Mil-Spec Current Rating 750 amps
  • Peak Current 1,500 amps
  • Rated Voltage 750 volts
  • Contact Resistance 60 micro ohms
  • Maximum Wire Size 4/0
  • Environmental Sealing IP68
  • Operating Temperature -85° C to +71° C
  • Flammability Rating UL94 V-0 & HB