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Model 7016 quick disconnect plug. QPL LISTED PER MS3349-2 AND MIL-P-18148. The Rebling 7016
quick disconnect plug is a two-wire plug connector for use with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium aviation batteries.
They are designed to mate with Rebling Type 7002 Series aero battery receptacles and all other receptacles
meeting specification MS3509.

This compact connector features self-aligning, compliant sockets for part-to-part dimensional tolerances and
relative motion of the mating receptacle's contact pins. This feature results in a low insertion force and minimal
wear on the 7016 shaft and sockets. the 7016’s silver-plated copper alloy sockets also feature a large contact
area, resulting in very low electrical loss across the socket-receptacle pin interface.

The 7016 body is molded from a chemically-resistant and heat-resistant plastic. Embossed polarity markings and
a molded keyway on the body ensure that correct polarity is achieved with the mating receptacle. The maximum
torque that can be applied to fasten the cable lugs is also embossed on the molded body. Engagement with the
receptacle is accomplished by rotating a T-shaped handle (7016-1) or round handle (7016-2) to a locked
detent position. This handle is over-molded onto a hardened stainless steel shaft. Protective coverings over the
sockets are molded from the same plastic material as the body and are permanently attached using an
ultrasonic process.

The 7016 can accommodate up to 000 cable on both the positive and negative terminals. The 7016 body is
made from chemical and fungus resistant glass-reinforced plastic. Contacts are silver-plated copper alloy.

The 7016 is identical to our qualified 7017 quick disconnect except the overall length of the protective cover is
shorter to provide clearance for auxiliary connectors mounted on the battery.