Real Clean Interior Cleaning 32 oz Kit

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Real Clean Interior Cleaning 32 oz Kit

The Real Clean Interior Cleaning Kit has you need to keep the interior of your aircraft up to par.

Kit Includes:

(1) Advantage Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner- 32oz Spray Bottle

(1) Post Flight Detailer- 32oz Spray Bottle

(1) Real Care Leather Cleaner & Conditioner- 16oz Bottle

(2) Leather Restore Sponges

(3) Instrument Display Cleaning Kits

(3) Premium Microfiber Cloths

Product Description: 

  • Advantage Aircraft Carpet Upholstery Cleaner and Stain Remover is the ultimate multipurpose aircraft cleaning product specially designed to safely deep clean heavily soiled and stained carpet, fabric, vinyl, leather, and synthetics!
  • Post Flight Aircraft Detailer is a high Performance Interior and Exterior liquid cleaner and polish that is safe for all surfaces. Post flight contains micro-waxes that clean and shine paint, aluminum, plexi-glass, polished wood and plastic to a beautiful high gloss finish. Just spray on and wipe away, leaving a clean beautiful shine
  • Real Care Leather Cleaner and Conditioner rejuvenates leather by deep cleaning to remove dirt and grime and conditions to replace natural oils and moisture that has been lost over time. Real Care offers excellent UV protection to prevent color fading and naturally scented to maintain that "New Leather Smell"
  • Leather Restore is an exciting and new cutting edge technology that combines the power of top quality leather cleaners and conditioners with our proprietary micromesh melamine sponge to bring you the finest leather deep cleaning and care product available.Our easy 3 in 1 system deep cleans, conditions and restores the look and feel of leather, vinyl and plastic to restore your interior back to new in no time! Recommended for use on finished leather, vinyl and plastic. Do not use suede leather. Each packet contains 1 pre-saturated micromesh sponge and will clean approximately 1 full seat.

  • Instrument Display Cleaning Kit is a twin wet/dry wipe designed to clean all integrated or stand-alone instrumentation and flight deck displays for all aircraft. Avionics, radars and electronic touch panels build up static electricity which attracts dust. With frequent use, sweat and grime builds up, resulting in poor picture quality and reduced performance. Visial ensures a smear-free finish on a wide range of glass, acrylic and polycarbonate materials, whether active-matrix liquid-crystal panels or analogue instruments.