Pocket Checklist, Cessna 172R - G1000

The Backseat Pilot


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Designed with the flying pilot in mind, The Backseat Pilot Pocket Checklists make flying just a little bit easier. From Preflight to Shutdown, your checklist has been organized and condensed it into a shirt pocket sized format and then digitally printed on the most durable polyester paper we could find. No more flipping through pages in flight, losing your place in the checklist, or dealing with pealing laminate. These checklists are simple to use, thorough, and organized, and the material they're printed on is designed to handle extensive use, high temperatures and spills. Fly confidently knowing the information you need is literally in your pocket.

3.75" Wide x 6" to 6.5" Height (depending on model)

Preflight to Shutdown checklists:

  • Preflight - Cockpit
  • Before Starting
  • Starting Engine
  • Before Taxi
  • During Taxi
  • Before Takeoff (run-up)
  • Takeoff & Climb Info
  • Enroute Climb
  • Cruise
  • Descent
  • Before Landing
  • Approach & Landing Info
  • After Landing
  • Shutdown/Securing
  • Speeds (including Best Glide):
  • Takeoff & Climb Speeds and Info
  • Short Field, Normal, Flaps
  • Approach & Landing Speeds and Info
  • Short Field, Normal, Go Around
  • Vso, Vs, Vmca Vr, Vx, Vy, Vyse, Vlor, Vloe, Vglide, Va, Vfe, Vno, Vne

    Plus additional helpful steps not included in the POH: Always remember to brief a plan of action in case of a loss of power on takeoff, never forget to reset the trim on landing, don't leave your flight plan open, and many other useful, real world additions.

    Made In USA