Paper Travel John Urinal - 4 Pack

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TravelJohn™ Paper Disposable Urinal (TJ1Q) with a unisex adapter makes it easy for anyone to use. The flexible hanging hook allows anyone to expand the bag; fold in to expand the collar or fold out to expand the bag. TravelJohn’s unisex paper adaptor makes it easy for anyone to use while sitting or standing, and the spill guard prevents back flow during use. Each bag, contains LIQSORB®DS+, a dissolving polymer pouch that absorbs liquid waste up to 28 ounces and turns it into a leakproof, hygienic, odorless, non-toxic, waste disposal safe substance. Simply, peel and seal the bag and throw away at your next available waste receptacle!

  • Non-toxic,odorless,spill proof gel.It instantly gels after absorption of liquid thus making it leak-proof!
  • Waste disposal safe, simply throw away
  • Small and light weight
  • Volume indicator included
  • Unisex plastic collar for easy handling