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A MUST HAVE! “One Six Left” is the perfect companion to the documentary film “One Six Right”. This DVD includes the most requested trailer “Into the Clouds” featuring music by Enya, which has now been licensed for DVD distribution.

A Collection of 6 New Special Features (45 minutes of bonus material):

“Into the Clouds” – the original trailer featuring music by Enya
“The Making of One Six Right” – 25 minute featurette
“Movie Montage” – 12 minutes of the best shots edited to the musical score
“The Joyride III” – recut version of the Pitts acrobatic sequence
“Pitts Pattern” – in-cockpit Pitts flight around the Van Nuys Airport pattern
“Piano Solo” – in studio with composer Nathan Wang

DVD Specifications:

Widescreen version presented in original 16:9 format
Digitally transferred from High Definition master
NTSC Format

* Please note: This Companion DVD does not contain the “One Six Right” movie

This DVD works worldwide, Region: ALL