OccuNomix - Orange Tape Vest Mesh 1 3/8In 2 Tone Ref | XTTM0R

Airgas Safety


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OccuNomix - Orange TapeΓÇï Vest Mesh 1 3/8In 2 Tone Ref | XTTM0RΓÇïΓÇïΓÇï

This lime class III mesh high visibility 2XL safety vest with two-tone reflective tape is the ideal safety attire for construction and warehouse workers, parking-lot attendants, crossing guards, and maintenance crews. Designed to draw attention to the individual wearing it, this vest's bright, eye-catching lime color ensures superior visibility for increased safety while working. The contrasting, two-tone tape also allows light to be reflected back on vehicles, motorized equipment, and their operators, helping to minimize potential danger.