Eliminate Concentrated Lavatory Sludge Remover

Nuvite Chemical


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Lavatory Cleaning Concentrate

Dependable sludge removal for lavatory holding tanks and parts. 

ELIMINATE is a technology-based aircraft lavatory care and ongoing maintenance system. ELIMINATE’S toilet additive is designed to break up and disperse all hard-to-remove residues, mineral scales, and waste by-products. It is formulated to be safe for equipment while dislodging and breaking down lavatory sludge within the system.

  • Exceptional dispersing and cleaning performance
  • Safe to internal pumps, airport tritcherators, and municipal standards.
  • Conforms to airframe OEM standards and specifications

Eliminate Approvals:

SMI Tests & Approvals

  • CSD1

OEM & Airline Approvals

  • Delta
  • Embraer 

Eliminate Procedure: 


  1. Use Eliminate full strength or up to 1:5* dilution, depending on sludge conditions, with a steam cleaning method or overnight soak.


  1. Fill lavatory tank with Eliminate to splash guard.
  2. Operate a flush mechanism to distribute the material.
  3. After the soak period, flush out the tank thoroughly.
  4. Refill with NUVITE’s Goodbye-NF to deodorize during the flight.
  5. Parts can follow the same procedure.
  6. Agitate where possible.
  7. Finish with a final thorough rinse.