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For paint in excellent condition

APPLY – DRY – BUFF. High gloss shield and UV protectant. For new or excellent condition paint surfaces. Creates an easy clean surface, repelling bugs, stains, soil, oil & carbon. Use on oxidized paint after preparation with NuPol® or NuPower II.

NUGLAZE has been specially formulated for use on new or excellent condition exterior aircraft painted surfaces to maintain high gloss finishes. NUGLAZE’s sealant imparts a protective hard-shine surface that resists environmental effects such as airborne chemicals, UV radiation, bugs, stains, soil, oil, and carbon. For optimal results, it is recommended that NUGLAZE be used after treating surfaces with NuPol or NuPower II.

  • Seals surface and impart a protective coating against UV and atmospheric conditions.
  • Quick and easy application and removal.
  • Preserves and protects surfaces
  • Conforms to Airframe OEM standards and specifications

    Protecting that High Shine Painted Finish
    How much do you appreciate that brilliant, sparkling painted finish? Whether newly painted or freshly cleaned, little satisfies like a shiny fuselage. In fact, for many, it’s so appealing that the next logical step is to put a protective coating on it. And here is where it gets heady.

    There are lots of fine coating applications available to the aviation market.  Generally,ceramic-based formulas and film wrap coatings offer good protection while amplifying paint pigment and gloss. These coatings can be pricey as they must be skillfully applied and require follow-up maintenance to meet longevity claims. Wilder claims like preventing scratching and rock chips, as well as self-cleaning, definitely raise more than an eyebrow.

    NUVITE has another option.  NUGLAZE Paint Sealant & Polish. Not technically a coating but a chemical sealant that checks many of the same boxes. NUGLAZE’s liquid, micro-molecular formula bonds with the paint, filling pinholes, pores, and light scratches. The surface is effectively sealed, locking out corrosion-causing moisture, fighting oxidation, repelling bugs, stains, and soil, reflecting deep color, and extending that brilliant, high gloss shine. Application is easy and can be done anywhere; apply NUGLAZE to a newly painted or oxidized surface prepped with NUPOWER II or NUPOL. Just Apply, Dry, & Buff to a high gloss shine. Reapplication approximately every six to eight months is recommended, depending on flight hours and the surrounding environment.

    Bottom line? Film wraps and ceramic coatings are generally longer lasting and claim better protection and resistance. But know that a longer life cycle is not without periodic, well-skilled maintenance. And that chips, bangs, and scratches are inevitable no matter the protective coating. If it’s necessary to remove, each coating type requires a specific process involving peeling or chemical stripping. Both are time-consuming.

    Chemical sealants offer a more temporary level of protection. Like other coating types, NUGLAZE Paint Sealant & Polish also creates a hydrophobic surface that prevents oxidation, keeps contaminants off the substrate, boosts paint color, and delivers a brilliant, high-gloss shine. NUGLAZE Paint Sealant & Polish costs far less than film wraps and ceramic coatings. It does not require a highly skilled application crew or an ongoing maintenance schedule.

    The right coating for your aircraft will depend on the level of protection you choose, the amount of time you’re willing to allocate to its maintenance, and the size of the financial investment you’re willing to make.


    NuGlaze Approvals

    • SMI Tests & Approvals
      • AMS1650C
      • D6-17487
      • CSD1
    • OEM & Airline Approvals
      • Embraer

    NuGlaze Use


    Paint with any oxidation or needing surface cleaning should be dry washed with NuPower II before NuGlaze application.

    1. Apply NuGlaze as is – DO NOT DILUTE to clean, terry towel, mophead, or random orbital.
    2. Spread over a small, “18-24” area to be continuously worked.
    3. Work material evenly onto the surface and continue to wipe or buff the area layered with the product until the material appears to be gone (force dry).
    4. Move to the next area and repeat the process.


    1. Apply NuGlaze as is – DO NOT DILUTE to clean, terry towel, mophead, or random orbital.
    2. Agitate a small area to a thin layer.
    3. Allow wet material to dry or form a white haze on the surface; this may take up to 20 minutes, depending on humidity conditions.
    4. Final buff with a random orbital to shine.

    *Product dilutions are determined by extent, condition & soil type.