National Aerospace Std - Crescent Steel Nut, Self-Locking, Hexagon | NAS1291C3M

National Aerospace Standard


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National Aerospace Std - Crescent Steel Nut, Self-Locking, Hexagon | NAS1291C3M 

  •  Thread Class:  3B
  •  Thread Direction:  Right-Hand
  •  Locking Feature:  Prevailing Torque All Metal Design
  •  Washer Outside Diameter:  0.330 Inches Maximum
  •  Lubrication:  Dry Film Lubricant
  •  Overall Height:  0.154 Inches Minimum And 0.188 Inches Maximum
  •  Nut Style:  Hexagon
  •  Washer Thickness:  0.015 Inches Minimum
  •  Width Across Flats:  0.243 Inches Minimum And 0.252 Inches Maximum
  •  Temp Rating:  450.0 Deg Fahrenheit Nominal
  •  Thread Series:  Unf
  •  Thread Quantity Per Inch:  32
  •  Nominal Thread Size:  0.190 Inches
  •  Criticality Code Justification:  Feat
  •  Special Features:  Fluorescent Penetrant Inspect
  •  Material:  Iron Alloy 660 Overall
  •  Material Document And Classification:  Ams 5735 Assn Std Single Material Response Overall
  •  Surface Treatment:  Passivate Overall
  •  Test Data Document:  81349-Mil-N-25027 Specification (Includes Engineering Type Bulletins, Brochures,Etc., That Reflect Specification Type Data In Specification Format; Excludes Commercial Catalogs, Industry Directories, And Similar Trade Publications, Reflecting General Typedata On Certain Environmental And Performance Requirements And Test Conditions That Are Shown As "Typical", "Average", "Nominal", Etc.).