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MyClipMulti Kneeboard replaces the MyClipKneboard2 and the MyBigClip. This updated design, including a brand new clip, works with all tablets and phones from 3 inches (7.5cm) to 12 inches (30cm) and a thickness up to .85 inches (2.16cm). A great way to use your Phablet or Tablet in the cockpit without worrying about its security.
Our new design allows the plastic clips to be adjusted to accommodate may different size tablets and phaplets. Clips can hold a Galaxy S10e in portrait mode all the way up to a full size iPad in the landscape mode. With this kind of versatility upgrading your tablet will not require a change of kneeboard.

The MyClipMultiKneeboard is now made in the USA and uses an woven elastic leg strap and medical grade Velcro to increase your comfort.