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Mountain flying demands its own rules and an entirely different set of flying skills than flatland flying. The new Mountain Flying Bible Revised contains 100-percent new information. It is jam-packed with updated advice, lore, science, and wisdom. This edition contains 16 pages of color photos operating into some Idaho backcountry airstrips.
Review of the Mountain Flying Bible: This book is one of those that all pilots can learn from (just as it deepened my understanding in many areas), and should be part of every serious pilot's reference library. It is, in all likelihood, the best aviation book written in recent years that focuses on light aircraft. Certainly it is the most useful. I recommend it without reservation.-F.E. Potts, author of "F.E. Potts' Guide to Bush Flying: Concepts and Techniques for the Pro"

For more than 40 years pilots have relied on author and aviator Sparky Imeson's mountain flying expertise. His Mountain Flying Bible Revised is the new comprehensive standard for mountain flying.

Imeson's strength as a writer, teacher and mountain pilot lends a clear and concise style that is not only thorough, but fun and entertaining to read.

All the hard-to-find information has been combined in one useful book. Loaded with helpful icons and photographs, it greatly simplifies, with clarity and authority, mountain flying operations.

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