Mountain Flight

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This aerial footage of some of the most rugged and beautiful mountain terrain found in the U.S. was captured during Mountain Flight, which partially took place in the Idaho Primitive Area. The video provides a dynamic visual perspective that helps to better understand and explain the techniques presented in various mountain flying books. It covers key topics such as flight planning, accident prevention, mountain weather, density altitude, visual illusions, approaches, landings, departures, and wilderness survival tactics in case of emergency. The weather section also features time-lapse footage of thunderstorms, mountain waves, lenticular and rotor clouds. Graphics are utilized to clarify and demonstrate proper ground and flight procedures for safe operation in mountainous areas. This video offers invaluable knowledge and experience to aid in exercising good judgment while flying in the mountains.

Product Specifications
Sparky Imeson
Author: Sparky Imeson
Time: 40 minutes