Mili Std - O Ring Nitrile | MS29561-012

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Mili Std - O Ring Nitrile | MS29561-012

MS29561-012 is an O-ring composed of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). It has a .375" nominal inner diameter, a .5" nominal outer diameter. MS28775s O-rings are made of NBR, which is used in aviation to make anything from fuel handling hoses to grommets. By withstanding a wide temperature range, NBR is a perfect material for aeronautical applications, especially aircraft hydraulic fluids. This O-ring conforms to the following specification: MIL-R-7362. Check the features for more details.

  • Outside Diameter: 0.504 Inches Nominal
  • Cross-Sectional Height: 0.067 Inches Minimum And 0.073 Inches Maximum
  • Center Hole Diameter: 0.359 Inches Minimum And 0.369 Inches Maximum
  • Elongation Percentage: 250 Maximum
  • Hardness Rating: 70.0 Shore Durometer A Nominal
  • Material: Rubber Butadiene-Acrylonitrile Class Nbr