MGF - Night Vision Clip Light | ACC-1090

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MGF - Night Vision Clip Light | ACC-1090

The Night Vision Clip Light, night vision protecting light that attaches directly to yourMGF Clipboard. Makes flying at night with an iPad AND note-taking possible.

An iPad changes how you use light in the cockpit. Overhead lights and flashlights can interfere with reading information on the iPad. Flashlights create cockpit clutter and glare. Finger lights interfere with your hand and using the iPad. The Night Vision Clip Light is designed to put green, eye protecting light exactly where you need it when you need it.

The Night Vision Clip is designed, built and tested by aviators to meet the needs of pilots flying with an iPad. The light is illuminated by a slide-to-activate button.

The Night Vision Clip can be easily attached to your clipboard by sliding it into the bracket on the clipboard so the light is always where it needs to be when it needs to be. With an adjustable head that can swivel the light up or down up to 90 degrees, light can be positioned where it is needed. The batteries are replaceable and can be found at local electronic and office supply stores. The sleek and small design allows for easy storage.

The Night Vision Clip - the perfect companion for the MGF Clipboard found on theFolio C.