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O LUS 549

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Luso Aviation’s Stainless Steel Crew Tag is the easiest and most effective way for uniformed crew members to clear their bags through security. The tag’s all metal construction and large, easy-to-read font makes it show up brightly and clearly on x-ray baggage scanners.
For best results, place the Crew Tag in an empty suitcase pocket or area free of other metal objects.

The tag is built tough to stand up to the most demanding flight schedules and roughest baggage handlers, but at just over an ounce, it won’t weigh you down.

A plastic strap is also included to help ensure the Crew Tag remains oriented inside your bag as desired. The strap can also be used to affix the Crew Tag to the exterior of your bag, just like a traditional crew luggage tag. (Not recommended for x-ray visibility)