Lord - Aircraft Engine Shock Mount | J-2245-1

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Lord - Aircraft Engine Shock Mount | J-2245-1 

The Lord J2245-1 engine shock mount is designed to absorb vibration and movement to keep your engine secure and steady in your aircraft. The J2245-1 shock mount is designed to service three Hawker Beech aircrafts. Extend engine life and save hundreds on potential repair parts with our useful, durable shock mount. Even slight vibrations and movement can cause expensive damage to your engine. Find the tools you need at prices you can afford from Pilots HQ.Our complete line of engine enhancers and maintenance parts are selected to help your aircraft run smoothly during every flight. Avoid expensive repairs and unnecessary costs with our elected and customer-approved engine tools. The Lord J2245-1 aircraft engine shock mount is a durable, specially designed airplane essential. Our shock mounts by Lord take in the bumps, vibration and friction that can harm your engine. Increase safety for your next flight with our J2245-1 shock mounts.