Loctite - F246 High Temperature Med, Blue Threadlocker 50ml

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Henkel Loctite- F246 Threadlocker Sealant 29514 Blue, 50 mL bottle

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Henkel Loctite- F246 Series anaerobic threadlocker sealant has a vapor pressure less than 5 millimeters Hg at 26.7 degrees C, specific gravity of 1.1, VOC contents of 0.0211 and a boiling temperature rating greater than 300 degrees F. It has a flash point of 176 degrees F for safe use. The mild odored, liquid sealant is blue in color and comes in a 50-milliliter bottle. This product has a tensile strength of 170 psi and withstands a temperature range of -65 to 450 degrees F.


  • Viscosity of 2600 centipoises
  • Curing time of 24 hours


  • Cures quickly at room temperature
  • Offers resistance to oil and mild surface contamination at continuous temperatures to 450 degrees F


  • Applications involving heavy shock
  • Vibration
  • Stress levels and higher temperatures
  • Removable medium strength and structural bonding