Lift - AV1 KOR Carbon Fiber Shroud Kit

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  • Gloss and Matte Carbon - Our Carbon Shroud is available in both Matte and Gloss sheen.
  • Carbon Fiber construction – Strong and lightweight, our Carbon Shroud is made with the pilot’s needs in mind.
  • Pure Optics Goggle - The Anti-Fog UV lens provides premium optics, reduces glare, and supports a wider field of vision. Molded visor retainers mounted on the shell keep the visor in its correct pivot position.
  • Interchangeable optic lens - Removeable and replaceable lens capabilities.
  • Unique mounting/pivot system - Molded from high-strength polymer, there are no knobs or buttons. Our unique mounting hardware is easy, simply find the tab and adjust as needed.
  • Retrofit design - Our Carbon Shroud is designed to work with any standard AV-1 flight helmet, new or used. This is a retrofit solution done by one of our in-house technicians.
  • Optic lens protection – The Carbon Shroud offers protection to the lens when retracted.
  • Single-hand operation – Utilizing our tabbed lens system, you can easily raise and lower your shroud lens.
  • Sleek, stylish, and easy – The Carbon Shroud brings another level of comfort and style to our AV-1 KOR flight helmet.
  • Lightweight - When mounted to your flight helmet, our Shroud system is great for those looking to keep weight down and stay protected.

The install of our Carbon Shroud is completed in-house, by a LIFT Aviation Technician. Within 24-72 hours after placing your order a LIFT AV representative will email you instructions pertaining to shipping and packaging. Once your helmet is received, the install process of the Carbon Shroud system takes roughly 24-72 hours before return shipment to you.