Klixon Series Aircraft Circuit Breakers | 7277-2



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Peerless - Klixon Series Aircraft Circuit Breakers | 7277-2

  • Sensata Klixon 7277 series aircraft circuit breakers are used in general aviation aircraft, flight simulators and computers for many good reasons: they're reliable, lightweight and take up minimal space.
  • These trip-free circuit breakers are ideal for aviators and mechanics because they feature high vibration resistance and are rated up to 20 amps.Whether you're looking for one with a 0.5-amp current rating or one that can handle a full 20 amps, we have Sensata Klixon 7277 series circuit breakers for your specific needs.
  • No tug-of-war to get these items to work; activation only takes a push of a push-pull button. And since these circuit breakers were originally developed as an alternative to slow-blow fuses, they get plenty of use as primary electrical circuit protection in applications that aren't required to meet rigid military standards.
  • It's easy to make sure your aircraft keeps running smoothly and safely when you have the right equipment installed. When it comes to dependable electronics, the Sensata Klixon 7277 series qualifies as the right equipment.