Kit Airplane Construction

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This detailed book provides an unbiased look at every aspect of the kitplane process, including cost comparisons with certified used aircraft and drilling holes for rivets. With practical measures and assessments of manufacturers, the selection of a design is followed by decisions on engine, instruments, and avionics. Additionally, the book covers setting up a shop, tools, and evaluations of different construction types with case studies. It ends with finishing touches, legalities, and early test flights.

Topics Include:
  • FUNDAMENTALS: Common Questions, Why Build, Drawbacks, The Kit Building Process, Case Study; The LongEze
  • ALTERNATIVES: Production Aircraft, Used Homebuilts, Partially Completed Homebuilts, Light Sport Aircraft, Ultralights
  • SELECTION: The Mission, Performance, Features, Cost, Time, The Manufacturer
  • DECISIONS: Financing, Engine Selection, Certified Used Engines, Uncertified Engines, Propeller Selection, Instruments, Avionics
  • PREPARATIONS: Workshop Requirements, Tools, Other shop Items, Ready to Build, Shipping
  • BASICS: The Nuts and Bolts, Basic Metal Work, Cables and Accessories
  • COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION: Additional Tools, Layup Operations, Finishing, Quality Control; The Berkut
  • METAL MONOCOQUE CONSTRUCTION: Metalworking, Riveting, Priming, Quality Control; The Murphy Rebel
  • STEEL AND ALUMINUM TUBE CONSTRUCTION: Welded Structures, AL Tube Structures, Quality Control; The Avid Magnum
  • WOOD AND FABRIC: Materials, Cutting, Gluing, Fabric Covering, Quality Control; The Falco
  • COMPLETION: Painting, Rigging, CG, Legalities, FAA Inspection, Engine Start, Ground Testing, Flight Testing

Product Specifications
ISBN: 9780071459730
McGraw Hill
Author: Ronald J. Wanttaja
Edition: 3rd
Pages: 465