Kano - Parteze Mold Release Silicone Compound, 10oz

Kano Laboratories


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Kano - Parteze Mold Release Silicone Compound 10oz 


 Mold Release - Maximum Release Effect


Pure silicone compound. Formulated to maximize release effect when
used on molds. Its extreme anti-sticking properties make release quick and
complete. Reduces sticking of parts in molds. Used to produce a slick finish which resists dirt. Parteze is highly repellent to oil, water, and is heat resistant. Valuable as a water repellent for most porous surfaces, such as concrete, wood, rubber, linoleum, etc. Use on molds, putty knives, trowels, hand saws, and planes, lawnmower blades, plows,boots, etc. Anywhere extreme anti-sticking properties are useful.