Icom - 6 Slot Multi Desktop Charger | BC-121N



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The BC-121N rapidly charges up to six Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery packs simultaneously in 1 to 2 hours, or Li-Ion battery pack in 2 to 3 hours. Appropriate desktop charger adapters MUST be purchased separately to charge your Icom battery packs. See your transceiver’s instruction manual for desktop charger adapter details.

Non PCB type adapter (AD-75 or AD-88 is required)
  • AD-50 for CM-166
  • AD-51 for BP-171, BP-173, BP-180
  • AD-56 for BP-171, BP-173, BP-180
  • AD-87 for BP-198, BP-199, BP-200 ,BP-200/L
PCB type adapters
  • AD-68 for CM-138, CM-139, CM-165
  • AD-81 for BP-195/R, BP-196/R
  • AD-89 for BP-202 IC-4008A CONFIG
  • AD-94 for BP-209, BP-210, BP-222
  • AD-100 for BP-226, BP-227, BP-227FM
  • AD-101 for BP-209, BP-210, BP-211, BP-222
  • AD-102 for BP-215
  • AD-103 for BP-224
  • AD-105
  • AD-106 for BP-230, BP-232N, BP-232FM
  • AD-110 for BP-235, BP-236, BP-253, BP-254, BP-254FM
  • AD-114 for BP-254N
The BP-121N base may be compatible with future transceivers not listed. Check with the transceiver instruction manual for compatible adapters.

Compatible power adapters
  • BC-157S07(110V)
  • BC-157 04(220V
  • OPC-656:  12-16V DC POWER CORD