Hysol - EA9394 Epoxy Adhesive - Quart Kit

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LOCTITE EA 9394 AERO is a two-part structural paste adhesive, which cures at room temperature and possesses excellent strength to 350°F/177°C and higher. Its thixotropic nature and excellent high temperature compressive strength also make it ideal for potting, filling and liquid shim applications. LOCTITE EA 9394 AERO is qualified to MMM-A-132 Rev A, Type I, Class 3.

The mechanical properties in this data sheet are also valid for LOCTITE EA 9394S AERO. LOCTITE EA 9394S AERO is only available in Semkits and differs from LOCTITE EA 9394 AERO as it has 1 part less thixotrope in the Part B to aid packaging. All other mechanical and handling properties similar.

Hysol EA9394 Epoxy Adhesive - Quart Kit Features:

  • Room Temperature Cure
  • Good Gap Filling Capabilities
  • 350°F/177°C Performance
  • Potting Material
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • Outstanding Mechanical Properties
  • Long Pot Life
  • Low Toxicit

Hysol EA9394 Epoxy Adhesive - Quart Kit Specifications:

  • Manufacturer P/N : AS9277016
  • Alt. P/Ns : EA9394 EA 9394 EA9394NA
  • ECCN :EAR99
  • Military Standard : MMM-A-132 Type 1 Class 3 Group 1
  • NSN :8040-01-496-6806
  • Schedule B Code : 3506.91.0000