Huntsman - Fastweld 10 A/B Adhesive 50ml | Fastweld10-50ml

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Fastweld 10 A/B epoxy adhesive is a rapid-setting, two-component paste offering a convenient one-to-one mixing ratio by volume or weight. Fastweld 10 A/B epoxy adhesive produces strong bonds in a very short period. It is especially suited for bonding small parts and for repair work.

No special techniques are required to work with this adhesive. Mix the two components thoroughly on a clean, dry surface. The bonding surface can be wood, metal, plastic or cardboard, among others. For best results, the two surfaces being bonded should be free of oil, dirt, moisture, etc. And should be slightly roughened or sanded to remove gloss.

Fastweld 10 A/B Adhesive Features:

  • Room temperature cure
  • Paste
  • Grey color