Hentzen Aerospace - Yellow Conventional Epoxy Primer, Quart Kit | EP-1/Y1 / EH-10

Hentzen Aerospace


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Hentzen Aerospace - Yellow Conventional Epoxy Primer, Quart Kit | EP-1/Y1 / EH-10

A two-component urethane compatible primer, resistant to Filliform corrosion, SkyDrol and fluids. It is intended for use on commercial and general aviation aircraft exteriors.

Surface Preparation

To insure proper adhesion, scotch brite or sandpaper abrade and solvent clean all surfaces prior to painting. All previously painted surfaces must be free from dirt, oils and any contaminants prior to painting. Blow and tack all surfaces immediately prior to application of primer.

Mixing / Application

Mix thoroughly, by volume one part EP-1-Y1 base with one part EH-10 catalyst. Mix under agitation for 30-45 minutes prior to application. Material should remain under agitation during the entire application. The pot life of the mixed material will be 8-10 hours. Spray apply a single wet uniform coat to a dry film thickness of 0.6 - 0.8 mils, using siphon, air, electrostatic, HVLP or airless spray equipment. Allow primer to dry for a minimum of 1-2 hours or a maximum of twenty-four hours prior to top coating. Please refer to the Axon Process Standard for primer Time/Temp overcoat information. When exceeding 24 hours dry time of primer, sanding and re-priming is recommended for optimum results. CAUTION! Do not apply this primer below 65°F as Epoxy Amine bloom may occur on the primer surface and adversely affect topcoat adhesion.