Gleim Seaplane Refresher Course | GLM-731 | SRC RS

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Gleim Seaplane Refresher Course | GLM-731 | SRC RSΓÇï

PN:  GLM-731

ISBN : 978-1-58194-110-4

Are you a seaplane pilot? Are you looking to stay current or preparing for a flight review? If you answered yes, the Gleim Seaplane Refresher Course will help!

The Gleim Seaplane Refresher Course (SRC) is a recurrent ground training course that will refresh your memory as to the operation of seaplanes. This course is an interactive study program that is designed to achieve two important goals. The first is to assist pilots who are preparing for a flight review in a seaplane. Secondly, the Seaplane Refresher Course serves as an effective review of seaplane concepts and procedures for pilots who already hold a seaplane rating and merely want to remain proficient. Who can benefit from SRC?

  • CFIs who want to use a structured program for the FAA-required flight review in a seaplane (FAR 61.56)
  • Seaplane pilots who are getting back into aviation and want to know what's new
  • Seaplane pilots looking to keep their flying knowledge sharp
  • Seaplane pilots preparing for an upcoming flight review or aircraft checkout
  • Anyone who wants to increase their understanding of basic seaplane flying knowledge