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The Gleim Flight/Ground Instructor and Fundamentals of Instructing FAA Test Prep contains the outlines and figures from our books and everything you need to study for most of the FAA knowledge tests in one unique, easy-to-use program. The Test Prep Software contains study outlines and figures and is an integral component of the Complete Flight/Ground Instructor + FOI Kit. Create customized study and test sessions using the actual FAA airmen knowledge test questions to enhance your learning process. FAA Test Prep also emulates the computerized formats of the major computer-testing vendors, thereby giving you simulated exam-type conditions to determine your strengths and weaknesses. The Performance Analysis feature allows you to track your progress and focus on specific areas needing further study.

  • Includes all the FAA questions for the Flight/Ground Instructor and Fundamentals of Instructing - Airplane FAA Airmen Knowledge Tests.
  • The Test Prep Software is divided into the same study units as all other Gleim Flight/Ground Instructor and FOI study material.
  • Includes all of the FAA charts and figures in an easy to use, printable format.
  • Emulates testing center environment giving student confidence.
  • Unlimited practice exams.