Gleim AMT Test Prep Online - Powerplant | GLM-220-AMP

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Gleim AMT Test Prep Online - Powerplant 

ISBN: 978-1-58194-981-0

PN: AMP RS | B GLM 750-AMP | GLM-220-AMP

The Gleim AMT Test Prep Online – Powerplant contains everything you need to pass the Aviation Mechanic Powerplant FAA Knowledge Test in a guided, easy-to-use online format. Designed to move you through the material effectively and efficiently, this course will ensure you master all relevant information. Audiovisual presentations provide overviews and prepare you for each study unit. Detailed outlines for each of the 20 study units ensure proper knowledge retention and can be used for future reference.


  • Prepare for each study unit using the audiovisual presentations
  • Review material at any time with easy-to-use, printable study outlines
  • Study anywhere Internet access is available