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Flight Outfitters - Pilot Survival Knife

This knife was designed with pilots in mind. If you're ever faced with an emergency while in the air, this knife can help you out. It has a sharp blade and a bunch of other handy features, so you can survive no matter what.


  • Locking Serrated Blade Constructed with 440 stainless steel, this liner locking blade has a serrated edge for cutting through tough material. Spring-assisted for easy, one-hand operations, this knife will quickly become your go-to when in the bush.
  • Seat Belt Cutter Need to get out quick? The seat belt cutter will slice through jammed harnesses.
  • LED Flashlight Removable LED flashlight activates with a twist of the head. The magnetic back makes it easy to mount to something when you need both hands free.
  • Magnesium Alloy Fire Starter Having a fire is important to prolonged survival out in the bush. This magnesium alloy fire starter will provide a hot spark to help get things going.
  • Window Breaker While this won’t work on a Plexiglas aircraft window, tempered glass will be no match for this stainless steel window breaker.
  • Includes belt clip and sheath.

Flight Outfitters Survival Knife Features