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The Bush Pilot Dopp Kit is a versatile and functional accessory designed for individuals with an adventurous spirit. It's equally suitable for use in luxury settings like the Ritz-Carlton and more rugged environments like camping trips.

One of the primary purposes of the Bush Pilot Dopp Kit is to organize and store personal care items. It features a large 5 1/2”H X 9 3/4”W mesh zipper pocket perfect for storing items that are typically hard to find, such as eye drops, floss, contacts, or extra razor blades. This design helps keep these items readily accessible and easy to locate when needed.

In addition to the mesh pocket, there's another large enclosed pocket measuring 6”H X 9 3/4”W. This pocket is ideal for storing larger personal care items like toothpaste, a razor, medicine, and feminine products.

The main body of the dopp kit offers even more storage space with a heavy-duty zipper pocket intended for larger items such as shampoo, deodorant, aftershave, perfume, mouthwash, and brushes.

What sets the Bush Pilot Dopp Kit apart is its hanging strap made from leather, which also serves as the enclosure for the kit. This strap is designed to fold back on itself, allowing the kit to hang conveniently from various locations, be it a towel rack in a hotel bathroom, a tree limb while camping, or an airplane tie-down during travel.

In summary, the Bush Pilot Dopp Kit provides organized, accessible, and secure storage for personal care items, making it a practical accessory for both travel and home use.



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