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This set of 12 modules is essential for obtaining the EASA Part 66 B2 Avionics certification. All modules in the series have been authorized by Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide for use in Part 147 schools within their respective countries. They are fully compliant with the required B2 levels and are aligned with appendix 1 of Part 66. The EASA B2 certification is highly esteemed and sought after globally. Employers worldwide recognize its value and the knowledge and skills it represents. Pursuing a technical aerospace career is best done through this program. One of the reasons for this is that B2 covers more than just electronics, communications, and navigation systems, which are typically associated with an avionics curriculum. It encompasses the entire aircraft system, including hydraulic actuators and landing gear. In today's aircraft, all systems are interconnected, and most have electronic interfaces. Even simple tasks like refueling are now computerized. Thus, an avionics engineer must have a comprehensive understanding.

Instructor Services:
For schools considering the adoption of ATB modules as your primary student notes, we offer various additional services including projectable image banks, examination question databases, and generous additional support for instructors and your requirements for competent authorities.

Set Includes:
  • 0101 - EASA Module 01 B1/B2 - Mathematics
  • 0104 - EASA Module 02 B2 - Physics
  • 0106 - EASA Module 03 B1/B2 - Electrical Fundamentals
  • 0108 - EASA Module 04 B2 - Electronic Fundamentals
  • 0111 - EASA Module 05 B2 - Digital Techniques
  • 0114 - EASA Module 06 B2 - Materials and Hardware
  • 0117 - EASA Module 07A B2 - Maintenance Practices
  • 0318 - EASA Module 08 B1/B2 - Basic Aerodynamics (2023-989 compliant)
  • 0121 - EASA Module 09A B1/B2 - Human Factors
  • 0123 - EASA Module 10 B1/B2 - Aviation Legislation
  • 0130 - EASA Module 13 B2 - Aircraft Structures and Systems
  • 0132 - EASA Module 14 B2 - Propulsion

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