Dymon Asidofoam Bathroom Cleaner


Dymon 33732

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Dymon Asidofoam® Bathroom Cleaner - 32oz | 33732

ASIDUFOAM®  Foaming Bathroom Cleaner removes dirt, soap scum and stains caused by mildew, mold or algae, oxidation, corrosion, urine salts, light rust, lime, calcium and iron deposits from bathroom surfaces including tile grout joints, porcelain, fiberglass, imitation marble, stainless steel, brass, rubber and copper.

  • Foam clings to vertical surfaces minimizing wasteful run-off
  • Contains no chlorine, hydrochlorine, sulfuric, phosphoric or other harmful mineral acids

USE ON: Grout, Rubber, Plastic, Brass, Copper, Painted Metals, Imitation Marble, Anodized Metals,  Chrome Fixtures, Stainless Steel, Ceramic Tile, Fittings & Equipment