Dow Corning - Molykote Lubricant Paste, 1 LB High Temp | P37

Dow Corning


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Dow Corning - Molykote Lubricant Paste | P 37 

Molykote P 37 FEATURES

  • Highly pure (less than 500mg of sulphur, less than 200mg of chlorine and fluorine per kg of lubricant
  • Molykote P 37 can be used at temperatures up to 1400 Degrees Centigrade
  • Coefficient of friction in the range of oiled bolts
  • Low scatter of prestressing force on tightening
  • Molykote P 37 Avoids stress cracks and solder brittleness
  • Molykote P 37 Enables non-destructive loosening of bolted joints even after long use at high temperatures