Dow Corning 748 Noncorrosive Sealant - 3oz | DC748-30Z



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Dow Corning 748 Noncorrosive Sealant - 3oz | DC748-30Z

Dow Corning 748 Noncorrosive Sealant is a one-component, ready-to-use, nonslumping silicone material that reacts with moisture in the air to cure to a tough, rubbery solid. As a generalpurpose adhesive/sealant, it features:


  • Compliance with FDA Regulation CFR 177.2600 covering indirect food contact
  • A noncorrosive cure mechanism that produces no corrosive by-products; can be used in corrosion-sensitive electrical and electronic equipment(on copper and other sensitivemetals) with no adverse effect
  • Easy handling with no mixing, heating or solvent hazards; easy repair by cutting away old material and replacing with fresh material
  • A service-temperature range from -67 to 350°F (-55 to 177°C) for extended periods, and up to 400°F (204°C) for shorter times
  • Resistance to harsh environments such as ozone, corona, moisture and weathering

Dow Corning 748 Noncorrosive Sealant s a durable, general-purpose sealant and adhesive for use in a wide range of bonding and sealing applications.

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