Dow 33 Marker Lubricant / Dow Corning 33 Light (1/2oz)

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Dow 33 Marker Lubricant / Dow Corning 33 Light (1/2oz) Recommended Paintball Grease

There are many types of marker lubricants and oring greases out there for your paintball gun. However, the original Dow 33 light is the same stuff used in aerospace and automotive industries. The grease is generally used on moving parts and bearings while Dow 55 is recommended for bearings. This marker grease most recommended by paintball manufacturers comes in a easy to use 1/2 oz flit top lid for easy use at home or in the middle of the game. Check your marker's owner manual for recommended product and procedure for application.

  • Recommended by Many Paintball Manufacturers including Bob Long, DLX Luxe, DM, Shockers, and many more
  • Keeps your paintball gun operating at optimal levels
  • Dow 33 Light - carries a lower specific gravity and break away torque reducing friction.
  • Dow 33 Marker Lubricatnt does not swell your orings
  • Genuine Dow 33 Oring Grease - Same as SL33K and GR33SE