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Hardman's Double/Bubble® Clear Impact Resistant Epoxy

  • Description: Use as an adhesive or coating—bonds to metal, ceramics, glass, porcelain, and wood. Covers and fills scratches. Impact resistant.
  • Typical uses: Repair of printed circuit boards (does not electrically corrode copper), optical fibers, lenses and other optical equipment, jewelry, art objects, and other applications where an evident bond is desired.
  • Work time: 2 hours
  • Handling strength: 8 hours
  • Color: Clear
  • Viscosity: Motor oil
  • Part Number: 04004

HARDMAN Water-Clear Epoxy is a two–component, room-temperature cure epoxy system. It offers the unique feature of being a water–clear and transparent adhesive. This system contains no solvents and can also be used as a coating. Its solventless feature can be applied over old coatings without raising them. It is self–leveling, and blush–free so that it will cover and fill scratches.

HARDMAN Water-Clear Epoxy is recommended for the following substrates:

  • Metal
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum
  • Plastics
    • Epoxy
    • Phenolic

  • Glass
  • China

HARDMAN Water-Clear Epoxy is designed to repair printed circuit boards (it does not electrically corrode copper), optical fibers, lenses, and other optical equipment, jewelry, art objects, and other applications where an evident bond is desired.


The DOUBLE/BUBBLE package is a handy, dual-pouch, one shot, job-size packaging concept. It reduces the waste typically associated with using larger quantities of two-component adhesives. This unique packaging ensures that DOUBLE/BUBBLE adhesives are always factory fresh and accurately portioned for optimum adhesive performance.

Directions for Use

The surface must be clean and dry before application. Remove all chemicals, dirt, wax, and oil.

Double/Bubble Directions - Fold, Snip, Squeeze, Mix and Apply

Fold the DOUBLE/BUBBLE package along the center seal, snip the end, squeeze out the contents, mix thoroughly, and apply. 


Store DOUBLE/BUBBLE adhesives at room temperature in a dry environment. Extreme low temperatures may cause crystallization. Extreme high temperatures may degrade the properties. Various cleaning solutions are available for cured and uncured epoxies and polyurethanes.


These materials are intended for commercial and industrial use only, and good housekeeping, safety, and cleanliness should be followed before, during, and after use.

Although the system contains low-volatility materials, care should be taken in handling. Use adequate ventilation in the work area.

These materials may cause dermatitis in susceptible individuals. Keep off the skin and out of the eyes. In case of accidental skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of eye contact, flush your eyes thoroughly with water and consult a physician immediately.