David Clark - Single Ear DC PRO-2 Passive Headset Microphone, Dual Plug

David Clark


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Original David Clark Passive Headset Microphone, Dual Plug, Single Ear Part Number: 43106G-06

Next-generation DC PRO-2 passive noise-attenuating headsets combine outstanding comfort, performance and durability in a lightweight, rest-on-ear design. These headsets are ideal for commercial pilots that fly low-noise aircraft where Electronic Noise Cancelling ANR technology is not required. DC PRO-2 headsets provide enhanced audio quality and clear, crisp voice transmission utilizing advanced, noise-canceling electret microphones. DC PRO-2 passive headsets come with a 30-day, Fly it Free, money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty.

  • Enhanced audio performance and M-5B electret noise-cancelling microphone for clear voice transmission
  • Single ear model
  • Soft, Outlast® technology, heat absorbing head pad keeps you cool and comfortable in flight.
  • Superior passive noise attenuation for a rest-on-ear style headset
  • Plush, rest-on-ear (supra-aural), leatherette ear seals reduce heat buildup
  • Rugged, yet lightweight alloy suspension, less than 8 ounces
  • Swivel hinge stirrup dramatically dissipates clamping pressure
  • FAA TSO-C139a Approved