David Clark - Multi-Radio M-Rim Interface Module

David Clark


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The David Clark Company's Multi-Radio M-Rim Interface Module is specially designed for marine environments, providing a weather-resistant and durable radio interface. It is the ideal companion product for our Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System and U9922-G38 Wireless Intercom Gateway, expanding the number of connected radios for the host system. With the M-RIM, up to four mobile radios can be connected to the host system, enhancing its capabilities.


  • Interface for up to four mobile radios
  • Receive audio from all radios is summed together
  • Individual toggle switches for separate radio receive on/off
  • Internal audio level adjustments for each radio
  • Four-position rotary switch to select radio transmit
  • Input voltage range: 11 to 30 VDC
  • Surface mount kit included