David Clark M7-DC Amplified Electret Kit | 18376G-02

David Clark


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David Clark M7-DC Amplified Electret Kit | 18376G-02

Enjoy the benefits of the latest microphone technology without having to buy a new headset. Save money and use this retrofit kit to upgrade your old model David Clark headset microphone.

Kit includes:

  • A M-7/DC noise-cancelling, amplified electret microphone
  • No need to change the boom assembly
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions for quick installation

Note: The M-7/DC requires DC bias voltage. While this type of voltage is supplied by most modern aviation communications equipment, consult your radio technical manual or avionics shop for more information. Additionally, we recommend that the radio master gain control be adjusted by a trained avionics technician so that it adheres to current radio standards.