Cytec - DAPCO Primerless Silicone Firewall Sealant | DAPC02100-2-50Z



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Cytec - DAPCO Primerless Silicone Firewall Sealant | DAPC02100-2-50Z

Cytec DAPCO® 2100 primerless silicone firewall sealant is widely used in the construction, maintenance and repair of aircraft. This solvent-free, thixotropic silicone paste adhesive is used as a sealant, coating or as filleting material, and it can be applied with various methods.

DAPCO 2100 sealant is especially recommended where exposure to extreme temperatures of -65 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or to phosphate ester fluids are expected. It can also be effectively used where fire resistance is a requirement. DAPCO 2100 can be used as an ablative or insulative heat shield. It's available as an injection kit style tube. See the DAPCO 2100 MSDS for safety information.

  • Boeing Specification: BMS 5-63 Rev. N, Class B4, Type II
  • Bombardier Specification: BAMS 552-004 Class 2
  • SAE Specification: AMS3374 Rev. D, Class 2


  • Excellent fire resistance to 3500°F
  • Service temperature of -65°F up to 400°F
  • Universal primerless adhesion to diverse substrates
  • Good resistance to aerospace chemicals
  • Offers non-inhibition curing characteristics against other sealants and adhesives
  • Extended application time
  • One part premixed room temperature stability
  • Non-volatile content of 97 percent
  • Qualified to BMS 5-63, AMS3374, BAMS 552-004, AIMS 04-05-003, AIMS 04-05-008, and CMNP009