Crystal Mic & Bluewave - GA, Bose 2.5Mm Plug

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Crystal Mic Pro BlueWave is available NOW. Connect your phone wirelessly to listen to music or make phone calls. The system has 2 music settings:

1. Mix. Listen to both music and intercom simultaneously
2. Mute. Voice priority will mute the music when intercom activity is detected.

Fully modular system:
Intercom cables for General Aviation Headphone cables with 2.5 mm plug (AKG or Bose)

Other features:

  • Internal lithium ion battery with USB C charging (cable not included) provides 20+ hours of music playback
  • Dual volume control

    The BlueWave adapter uses a technology that is similar to a system that is named after a famous Viking King. We are currently applying for the appropriate certifications and so we are unable to advertize the precise technology that the BlueWave uses.

    ***Mic attachment shown in the photo is not included, magnet attachment is included.