Concorde - Model TS-C6 Temperature Sensor Kit | 5-0125

Concorde Battery Corporation


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Concorde - Model TS-C6 Temperature Sensor Kit | 5-0125

Fits Concorde`s RG "L" Series series of Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid aircraft batteries

  • Receptacle PWO-07P8-3P-SPL
  • Receptacle PTO7E8-3P

Temperature sensors are required on type certified aircraft that employ nickel cadmium aircraft batteries for starting engines or auxiliary power units to comply with the requirements stated in FAR 23.1353, 25.1353, 27.1353, and 29.1353. There is no similar requirement for lead acid aircraft batteries.

The purpose of the Concorde aircraft battery temperature sensor is to make a Concorde Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery fully compatible with aircraft systems required for the temperature monitoring of Nickel-Cadmium batteries.

This battery accessory fits the following batteries (This does not denote certified installations by the FAA):

  • RG-380E-44K
  • RG-380E-40L
  • RG-380E-40LS
  • RG-380E-44L
  • RG-380E-44LS
  • RG-380E-60L
  • RG-380E-60LS
  • RG-390E/L
  • RG-390E/LS
  • RG-441