Concorde - Helicopter Turbine Battery, 24v | RG224

Concorde Battery Corporation


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Concorde’s valve regulated sealed recombinant gas (RG®) Emergency / Standby batteries are constructed with advanced lead acid absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology. Concorde’s proven technology provides reliable performance that protects and extends the life of avionics.

Designed to float directly on the DC buss with high inrush current for fast recovery time and extended battery life. Concorde batteries are self regulating and will accept only the current required to maintain a charge. There is no need for a dedicated charger. 

The RG-121-2 is designed for enhanced cold weather performance. Heater blankets are interwoven between the cells and operate when the temperature drops below 60°F improving cold weather performance.

  • Aerobatic - Non spillable at any altitude or attitude
  • Factory Tested - Assures airworthiness & installation readiness
  • Maintenance Free – No addition of electrolyte or water ever required
  • Proven Technology – Dependable, durable and safe
  • Transport – Ships HAZMAT exempt
  • TSO Approved - FAA TSO-C173 approved
  • Worldwide – Available through a professional network of worldwide distributors

Concorde designs and manufactures over 90 models of Original Equipment and direct replacement batteries for fixed wing and rotary aircraft and has a reputation for designing application specific solutions. Concorde batteries are installed as Original Equipment by the majority of aircraft manufacturers and adopted by military aircraft operators worldwide.