Chemseal - Optical Sealant Pint (Black) | CS 3202

Flamemaster Chemseal


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Chemseal Flamemaster  - Optical Sealant Pint (Black) | CS 3202

CS 3202 is a thixotropic, curing type, adhesive sealingcompound suitable for use by injection in bonding metalto glass in optical instruments or fire controlinstruments.

CS  3202  is  a  twoΓÇÉpart, polysulfide base compoundwhich cures at room temperature to a flexible, resilientrubber with excellent adhesion to aluminum,magnesium, titanium, steel and glass.  Mixed CS 3202 isa thixotropic paste which is easily applied with anextrusion gun or spatula, but will not flow from verticalor overhead surfaces.  The cured sealant is resistant toaircraft fuels, lubricants, oils water and weather and remains flexible at low temperatures.