Chemseal - Aluminum Exterior Sealant - 6oz | CS 2415 B-1/2

Flamemaster Chemseal


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Flamemaster CS 2415 B-1/2 Aluminum Exterior Sealant - 6 oz SemKit Cartridge

CS 2415 recommended for sealing external seams, depressions and gaps on aircraft to yield weather tightness and achieve aerodynamic smoothness. CS 2415 is a non-flow material and may be utilized on vertical and overhead, as well as horizontal surfaces. CS 2415 is a Thixotropic, fuel resistant sealant for use on pressurized cabins.

A two component, polysulfide based, aluminum filled, non-flow, filleting material designed for Aircraft sealing. CS 2415 is based on Flamemaster technology, utilizing Permapol P-5 Polymers, an improved chemical modification of Thiokol LP* polymers.