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CheckMate Aviation's checklist for Piper Aztec E aircraft needs to be at the top of your list for pilot supplies in your cockpit.

CheckMate is one of the most complete user-friendly single-card checklist available. It is logical, concise, intuitive, and complete. With over 325 models of aircraft, you can be assured that you will find a CheckMate for almost any aircraft you want to fly. You have a graphical checklist that is the identical format for each plane you fly. The data will be exactly where you expect it to be. This provides a higher degree of comfort in flying - an important factor in aviation safety! CheckMate is available in 3 sizes for most aircraft:

  • Standard - (Single Engine 6.5'' x 9'' / Twin Engine 7'' x 9.75'') 9.25 font. By far, the most popular size. Will fit most tri-fold kneeboards but it is a tight fit.
  • Compact - (5'' x 7'') 6.5 pt. font. Nothing is deleted. Suggested only for those that can read small print.
  • Pocket - (3.75'' x 6.25'') 5.75 pt. font. Nothing deleted but print is very small. Best used as a study guide or as a backup checklist.
  • QuickMate - 5''x7'' plastic card ''abbreviated'' checklist designed for pilots who don't use checklists! Only the most crucial information listed. QuickMate does retain all the V-Speeds and Emergency Procedures of the CheckMate.