Champion Aircraft Igniter | CH31843



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Champion Aircraft Igniter | CH31843

Note: Igniter maybe different than depicted in the Picture

Type 3 igniter alternates with 9101M37P71. Interchangeable with Unison 10-390480-1 and 910M37P49 type 3 giniters. Can also use non-type 3 igniters CH31905 and 1305M52P09

The research and development team at Champion Aerospace has pioneered the use of exotic materials to extend the life and enhance performance of turbine igniters.

Champion Aerospace is a leading supplier to the OE turbine engine market for airline, general aviation, and military aircraft applications. Its Champion igniters are also used by the U.S. Department of Defense to satisfy high-performance requirements for high-speed maneuverability and flame-out protection in advanced fighters and bombers.

With more than 300 different engine designs, these igniters are specified as original equipment on products from Allison, Allied Signal, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Sundstrand/ Turbomach, Teledyne, Williams International, Westinghouse, Rolls-Royce, CFM International, SOLAR, and Turbomeca. Champion Aerospace has produced ignition systems for U.S. and European industries, including land and marine power plants; oil, gas, and coal furnaces; oil rig operations; and pumping stations. Plus, it builds more gas turbine igniter models than all other manufacturers combined.

The patented Champion Series 21™ igniter and lead incorporate numerous design benefits that improve performance, installation, and maintenance. Variable immersion depth allows it to be used in multiple engine platforms. The self-centering conical contact virtually eliminates flashover and arcing.