CamGuard - Oil Additive (Marine), 8oz

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CamGuard - Oil Additive (Marine), 8ozΓÇï

There is nothing more satisfying than being out on the water with a boat full of friends, or fishing off shore on a warm summer’s day. Those memories live on even through the winter when your boat is safely tucked away in storage. The life of a boat owner is full of ups and downs. There is an endless battle with maintenance, corrosion, and seasonal preservation rituals. Finally, boat owners can gain some piece of mind when it comes to protecting their engines. CamGuard Marine was designed to specifically address the engine headaches boat owners face year-round. Now you can capitalize on the most cutting edge lubrication science available to protect your marine investment.

  • A blend of high performance additives that fortify gasoline and diesel marine motor oils to provide the utmost in engine protection
  • Delivers uncompromised performance using the most advanced additive technology available to prevent corrosion, dramatically reduce wear, reduce friction, protect seals, and decrease deposit formation within the engine
  • Prevents Corrosion – CamGuard contains powerful multi-metal corrosion inhibitors that prevent rust and corrosion
  • Reduces Wear – CamGuard contains advanced anti-wear additives that provide a dramatic reduction in wear when compared to current ZDDP (zinc) containing oils
  • Reduces Friction – CamGuard utilizes the latest generation of friction modifiers that provide a measurable increase in fuel economy throughout the oil change interval
  • Protects Seals – CamGuard contains seal conditioners that nullify the effects of heat and time to keep seals supple, flexible, and performing like new
  • Decreases Deposit Formation – CamGuard utilizes advanced antioxidants to prevent cylinder varnish and ring belt deposits. This is particularly important with the “trolling and/or high power cruise” duty cycle of marine use